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Tianshan Shuixie Huadu Block, through the National Quality Project Acceptance

2014-12-23 15:13

        Recently, the national quality engineering evaluation group came to the company and carried out a standard inspection and site acceptance of Tianshan Block, Huadu Shuixie to see whether it can be the high-quality engineering or not.

        Tianshan Shuixie Huadu Block is the most influential work by Tianshan Group,which covers 1000 acres totally, awarded the first "national residential dwellings demonstration project" in Hebei province for its 3 architectural  smart forms as TOMNHOUSE, Garden Villa ,Air Villa.

        The top architects and landscape designers from Australia, Hong Kong, USA with tens of thousands of artisans together diligently built it.

        To landscape as the main line, it is divided into four different space activities, and each activity that is integrated, and closely linked from the space. creating a warm atmosphere at the same time, it show flowers in every theme landscape features, combined the park's natural environment and the community in the north of rare artificial waters, such as buildings and courtyard, circular avenue, lake view, central green space interspersed with each other, permeate, to achieve low density exalt community.

        The park green space landscape, not only has very high aesthetic temperament and interest, also takes care of the actual function of everyday. Plant have turf ecological parking lot, healthy penetrating into every tiny point.The work was awarded "shijiazhuang residential image ambassador" title of honor in hebei province, China's real estate name plate of the top 50, the first "national comfortable housing demonstration project", the first prize for "the poor", the sixth China live SEC "2004 China's real estate brand enterprise" title of "China top 60 known", only honoured in hebei province, at present, tianshan mountain waterside pavilion, flower, one to four period have all check-in, product wide HOUSE well-respected and love, have set up the shijiazhuang residential to high standards.Tianshan property with solid strength, once again upgrading on garden environment, will bring more beautiful scenery and pleasant living environment dedication to our owner.

        At present, the blocks were resident in all 4 units, whose product wide HOUSE was respected and loved by many people , and which had set up the highest living standard in Shijiazhuang city. Tianshan Real Estate Company, with his strong strength, will make the  garden surroundings up once again and dedicate more beautiful scenery and pleasant living environment for the majority of inhabitant.

        The block has aristocratic kindergartens and elementary schools, all over the surrounding no.1 private, Hebei University of Science and Technology, etc., to provide the best education for children. The block is located in the capital, the city of the future development focus, normal colleges, private one, close to Shijiazhuang, Normal College, Hebei University of Science and Technology medium prestigious 54.

        Tianshan Group is one of the earliest to obtain international quality certification enterprises in hebei province, straight through the ISO9002 quality system certification and environmental management system standard certification.In recent years, the company according to the actual construction and the rapid development of enterprise itself, further improves the quality management system and quality guarantee system, partial across all management personnel for the system of intensive training, every project before start working to undertake to the worker pre-service training, ensure that the holder of the worker ShangGangLv reached 100%.

        Company on the basis of the quality management system, organize related unit personnel and experts, the construction process, always adhere to the introspection of the construction quality and finally for the absolute subject to external inspection.

        Tianshan Group Branding Company In recent years, the group conducted a number of checks on quality and safety for the under-construction projects. As for the problems found in the inspection, they carried out rectifications until up to the standards within the resonable deadline. They will give rewards for the advanced project, but will also give heavy fines and informs to those who have serious quality issues or in the backward position during the inspection, all of which greatly promotes the comprehensive quality management.Besides strengthening the implementation of the management regulations, the group will also fully promotes the construction and pursuance of enterprise culture in the process of engineering construction. Such as by taking feasible measures to make “honesty, innovation” become a conscious action of all the employees, make "do just fine" as the goal, and make the rigid index of the quality policy into a soft task with humanity during the influence of enterprise culture. This year, the party committee of the group organized a tour lecture, named "together with the security and quality." By using the people and things around us or the quality and safety accidents always happened in front of us to describe the quality and safety which are closely related to every employee's working and actions, the tour lectures have produced favorable comments from the owners.