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  • Generally speaking, talents in all fields favor the place where they can enjoy a comfortable working environment and good salary, and can try their best to make full use of their advantages and achieve their value. Thus, talent is the basis and the first enterprise resource.
  • Tianshan Group insists on human-based management, and emphatically starts with absorbing, culturing, employing, management and incentive and other links, striving to provide a an equal and harmonious working environment for every staff.
  • As to talent selection, the company recruits able people without overstressing qualifications. It has established the multi-mode, multi-channel selection system, including training and selecting talents within the company, absorbing talents from large and medium-sized institutions and recruiting talents from public;
  • For talents application, the company sticks to the principle of employing talents who have both ability and political integrity and allowing them play a great role in different positions. Thus, more and more excellent and like-minded talents will join us. We believe that only the man with political integrity and professional competence will be able to make better use of his abilities;
  • For talents cultivation, the company focuses on building staff’s character, responsibility and loyalty, thus making staff maintain a high-level consistency in thought and action and teamwork and constantly stimulating their potential and working enthusiasm;
  • For the assessment and evaluation of staff performance, the company has a complete set of competitive salary system, insurance benefit and incentive system, which gives staff a sense of identification, mission and belonging, thus forming powerful cohesion and centripetal force.